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bodyART Ryan Daniel Beck Sunday November 11th 11am-12:30pm

What is BodyART®?
A movement process incorporating high intensity intervals, modern dance, strength conditioning, and passive and dynamic energy balances; while focusing on your breath and diaphragmatic motion. Positioning and alignment are critical and you will experience an extensive range of movement, while utilizing your entire body. Classes are performed barefoot.

Calvinography® Sunday November 18th 11am-12:30pm

Calvin Wiley is primed to take you on yet another extraordinary journey with his dance groove and Xertainment! Join us for his energetic, fast-paced fitness/dance-based original Calvinography® class. Learn to push past your comfort zone and get comfortable with your creative self. Dance with Calvin, one of the original divas, and discover the diva in you!

Contemporary Modern Dance by Donna Scro Samori Sunday December 2nd, 11 am-12:30 pm

This class feels good on the body and nourishes the soul, and will create the space for you to express yourself through the ART of movement. Ready to Dance!

Classical Ballet Technique by Lisa Benke. Sunday, December 9th, 11 am-12:30 pm

Lisa will lead an all-level ballet class based on the fundamentals of classical ballet technique, including proper turnout, strength and flexibility. She will teach proper barre exercises and center combinations, ending with contemporary ballet choreography!

Hip Hop
with Robert Rivera

NYC dancer/choreographer, Robert Rivera, brings that New York flavor to Mind Your Body Studio. With his multitude of training and professional credits under his belt, Robert adds his unique flair to every class that will leave you wanting more. His Hip Hop class is not just a simple two step. It incorporates current dance trends mixed with intricate moves, that are broken down step-by-step. He is also the creator of our HEELS class, which is very popular genre world-wide. HEELS class is not only a great workout for your legs, but includes sassy dance moves in heels that would make Beyoncé blush. Robert also teaches our Burn & Firm fitness class, which tones and strengthens to help get rid of those stubborn areas. If you like to have fun while getting fit, try one of Robert’s classes…you won’t regret the experience.










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Welcome to MYB. Our state of the art studio was designed specifically with your health in mind. Between the natural light, shock absorbing floors and sound reducing walls, MYB has created an environment that will not only soothe your body, but your mind as well.





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