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Hip Hop
with Robert Rivera

NYC dancer/choreographer, Robert Rivera, brings that New York flavor to Mind Your Body Studio. With his multitude of training and professional credits under his belt, Robert adds his unique flair to every class that will leave you wanting more. His Hip Hop class is not just a simple two step. It incorporates current dance trends mixed with intricate moves, that are broken down step-by-step. He is also the creator of our HEELS class, which is very popular genre world-wide. HEELS class is not only a great workout for your legs, but includes sassy dance moves in heels that would make Beyoncé blush. Robert also teaches our Burn & Firm fitness class, which tones and strengthens to help get rid of those stubborn areas. If you like to have fun while getting fit, try one of Robert’s classes…you won’t regret the experience.




Bollywood/Contemporary with Manikanta Yaganamurthy

Mani is a dancer, and a movie dance director. He is trained in Indian Classical dance, Contemporary, Bollywood, Kuchipudi, and Hip Hop. He traveled widely for the film industry; to Europe, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA. He has worked with many noted choreographers, Raju Sundaram (Prabhudeva Brother ), Chinni Prakash, Bosco Caesar, Sekhar, Jhonny, Raghu, Satya, Dinesh, Ashok Raja and many others…..

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Sound Healing Meditation

In this concert, there will be a short meditation as we infuse the sound vibrations with Reiki and our own modality of the “Unconditional Love and Peace Energy Frequencies of the Elements” The frequencies of the Air, Water, Fire, and Earth together with your Soul and Soul’s truth, will be sure to remove blockages, make you feel grounded to Mother Earth, help you find joy and create abundance in your life.






Awareness. Flexibility. Balance. Breath. Strength.

A Mind, Body and Soul Community
Changing How You Think About Health And Fitness

Welcome to MYB. Our state of the art studio was designed specifically with your health in mind. Between the natural light, shock absorbing floors and sound reducing walls, MYB has created an environment that will not only soothe your body, but your mind as well.





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