Abraham Poderoso has spent over 20 years dancing, learning, and teaching samba. Former Dance and Creative Director of Super Sonic Samba School in San Diego, California, Abraham has spent a life-long journey learning, celebrating, and loving the Brazilian culture. He has judged and taught for many years at the National Samba King and Queen Competition as well as served as a judge and faculty member of International Samba Congress. Abraham has taught Samba dance workshops in multiple states coast to coast!

Class Description: Come Dance and Learn Samba No Pe´- Brazilian Samba! This class is all about the individual expression- no partner needed. Rooted in authentic Brazilian Samba and inspired by Rio style Carnival dances- this class will transform you and offers a little something for everyone! This is not ballroom samba or Zumba (we love that too), sometimes we wear heels and sometimes we go barefoot, but always the real you will come alive! This class is for everyone, all identities, all shapes, sizes, age and more- and this class welcomes you! The sexy might come out too and your “favorite” people might get jealous!

Date: May 7 Category: Dance