Vanessa Hocken’s dance education centered on jazz, which she performed in her native state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Vanessa moved to São Paulo in 2000, where she continued to perform for leading dance companies and to study latin ballroom styles. A regular participant in international salsa competitions in that city, Vanessa soon became an instructor teaching salsa, samba and bolero. After moving to Miami in 2006, Vanessa performed with an elite salsa academy helping to perfect her salsa technique.  Now living in New Jersey for five years, Vanessa continues to increase her knowledge of different ballroom styles, and to teach her favorite . . . salsa.


Channel your animal energy into this passionate, fiery and flamboyant movement style.  Get a chance to socialize while you learn the basic LA style partner dance known as salsa.  This Latin based movement originates from the influence of cha-cha and mambo.  Come by yourself or with a friend and leave feeling ready for the dance floor.

Date: January 9 Category: Dance