Maddy is a professional dancer and choreographer with 25 years of experience. His choreography can be seen in many well known Indian (Telugu) movies. Maddy has worked with India’s Telugu TV channels and participated in many dance competitions. He specializes in Kuchipudi Dance, Bollywood, Hip Hop and contemporary modern dance.


This Bollywood dance style includes belly dancing, Indian semi-classical dance, and folk western fusion dance involving high energetic movement.


Contemporary Dance is a choreographed class to song lyrics executed with an emotional fusion style of jazz, classical, and modern dance.


This class involves creating dance routines in different styles for performance opportunities all while developing presentational skills, spatial awareness and the confidence to shine and have fun in front of an audience. Learn what it is to be a performer who dances!


A bold new direction in modern choreography that combines energy of hip-hop, style of jazz-funk, jazz technique and glamor of burlesque , as well as fashion shows, posing and gestures of vogue.

Date: January 9 Category: Dance