Qaadir Pollard was born in Newark, New Jersey where he decided to start his career at Rowan University, majoring in Health and Exercise Science.  Qaadir has been a Health Professional for over 12 years now.  Although he started as a certified personal trainer, his career transformed him to be an Accountability Coach.  As a coach, he primarily focuses on enhancing the experience within the group fitness setting, while expanding his brand as QP Fitness.

To name a few, Qaadir has taught a variety of classes such as The Ultimate Challenge, BOSU conditioning, total body conditioning, cardio kickboxing, TRX suspension training, and functional training in the New York/New Jersey area.  Qaadir has transitioned his skills creating master classes that has been used at several corporate facilities.

He loves to motivate people with his energy and mentorship.  He is morale booster and strives to make every group fitness experience welcoming and positive.

The Ultimate Challenge of NJ

This total body conditioning class will take you through a positive group fitness experience.  All levels will learn how to exercise using your body, while listening to highly energetic music.

Date: April 13 Category: Strength