Greta has 20+ years of experience as a professional dancer/singer/actress. Her dance training centered around a full scholarship from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center (now The Ailey School), NYC. She has performed on Broadway, in movies, on television, and toured nationally and internationally. Now as an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and licensed GYROKINESIS® trainer, Greta enjoys teaching, coaching and being married to her soul mate and percussionist husband, David!


This is a dance based movement class consisting of stretching, strengthening, centering and purposeful movement, when combined produces a choreographed routine that fulfills the heart, soul, and spirit of the participant!


The GYROKINESIS® exercise method stretches the body while strengthening.  The flowing circular, spiral movement combined with rhythmic breathing improves flexibility, mobility, and coordination while increasing space between joints, stimulating senses, deepening core strength, and energizing the entire body.

GYROKINESIS® method is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.


Broadway Dance is a cardio-like jazz style dance class where all the music is from show tunes and the movement and choreography is like being on the Broadway stage! Start with a warm up, work into a dance routine and end with a cool down stretch.


This class introduces your child to an entertaining fun-filled learning experience of expression and creativity through movement. Class participation encourages balance, motor coordination, strength, stamina, mental dexterity, technique, discipline and “All that Jazz!”

Date: April 13 Category: Dance